List All Assets

Asset Registry for Lifecycle Management

Take a note of all your Assets (IT & Non IT, Hardware & Software) and tag all your Assets with ElmarQR code to create your digital Asset register. It is your one-stop-shop for all things assets across your organisation!

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Tag Your Asset

Two Way Traceability + Last Mile Visibility

ElmarQR codes simplify the Source to Destination Traceability giving a real time overview to your Sales and Supply Chain teams. Enterprises lack Last Mile Visibilty of their Inventory and Products. How about knowing who your end consumer is?

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Empower your Consumers!

ElmarQR tags on your products can serve as an alternative channel for you to Engage with your Consumers. Allow them to Know the Source of your products and get Feedback & Ratings right at the point of experience!

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Why Choose Elma 360?

Intelligence Inside

We are passionate about empowering Producers & Consumers in achieving the United Nations Sustainability Development Goal 12: Responsible Production and Consumption and believe that our technology can help Agri, Food & Beverage Enterprises in Traceability (Farm to Home including last Mile Visibility) along with their end Consumers in Knowing the Source and give Feedback, right at the point of experience! Enabling better insights and decisions.

Traceability & Last Mile Visibility

Asset Audit & Lifecycle Management

Know the Source & Engagement

Reports & Analytics

Dedicated Tech Support

Security & Privacy